Shaq Attaq - 12 Month Program

Shaq Attaq - 12 Month Program

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Your ebook program will be delivered on a monthly basis, and is $39 per month for the duration of your subscription
Your ebook program will be delivered on a monthly basis, and is $39 per month for the duration of your subscription
Is this really the program Shaq used to get back in shape?

Yes -- this plan is based on the 1-on-1 program that I used to get Shaq into the best shape of his life. It uses the same methodologies, workout, and diet philosophies that allowed Shaq, despite his extremely tight work schedule, to achieve amazing results!

What should I expect in this ebook?

This ebook details the training, diet, and mindset approaches that I used to power Shaq's body recomposition. You will receive a diet and workout program that is adaptable to your needs, as well as attitude and behavioral tools to prepare you for success.

Does this plan offer diet advice?

Yes -- this program offers tools to craft an appropriate diet that fits both your current needs and goals.

  • Shaq Sized Ambition

    The only thing bigger than Shaq are his goals. Shaq dominated the court and mastered the art of business. But, even with his immense athletic talent and indomitable will, he was still searching for a way to bring his body to the next level. That’s why he turned to the Roc Method.


    I never ask a client to do something I wouldn’t do a 100 fold myself. My methodology has been honed over decades as a top level pro bodybuilder, fitness coach, and trainer to the stars. I use a pragmatic approach designed to get results. These are the same techniques that allowed Shaq to dramatically transform his physique without impeding his 24/7, full throttle entrepreneurial and entertainment heavy schedule.


    I lay out the exact plan and approach I used to help Shaq achieve his lofty physique goals. I explain the diet, training, and champion mindset needed to completely transform his body while fueling his demanding lifestyle. Whether you have all the free time in the world or only an hour before catching your next flight, this ebook contains all the information you need to be successful.


    When Shaq started his plan he was 409 pounds and lacking the Man of Steel muscle we both knew he had in him.  The Roc method helped transform him into a shapely 387 pounds of defined abs, capped delts, and a barrel chest.  While you can’t walk a mile in his shoes (there might be a mile between the steps) you can follow in his footsteps to get tremendous results.